Just what is it that makes today’s art so different, so appealing? Video Art Miden online

Curated by Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou
A series of video works attempting to re-view, analyze, deconstruct and -eventually- evolve previous works of Art into Today’s spirit. A fresh and unexpected conceptual glance into History of Art, using the pre-existing symbolisms to form a new commentation. The tittle of the unit is a direct reference to the famous collage by Richard Hamilton (“Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?”), which was the first work of pop art to achieve an iconic status. 10 contemporary video artists from Italy, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Kazakhstan and Greece create intriguing video works with references to famous artworks, from Venus of Milos to the taped banana of Mauricio Cattelan, inviting us to an alternative “reading” of art history.